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Success Stories from Deep Calm Users

On 1/4/11 I went to donate blood at the American Red Cross. Imagine my surprise when told that I could not donate because my blood pressure was 140/102 ! I was shocked. I knew it was not a physiological problem as everything else about me was fine. It was the stress and anxiety I piled on myself. Determined NOT to go on medication, I tried breathing exercises,supplements and walking every day. Nothing helped. Luckily, I found Real Subliminal. I downloaded the "Deep Calm" Mp3. I listened for 5 days. My blood pressure was taken this morning and it averaged 133/87 !! Not ideal yet but a massive drop.For other areas of my life I have tried a lot of other products and Real Subliminal's products are the only ones that have worked for me ! Thanks,Larry Sullivan Larry Sullivan, Williamsville, NY, USA
I was extremely skeptical about subliminal cds. I have several from different places and none seemed to work. However, since I have used your Deep Calm one I can honestly see a change. I suffer from panic attacks and had been having several train wrecks. Since I started listening to your Deep Calm tape, they have gone away. I am finding that I can now focus and get more done. Thank you ever so much! Teresa Phillips, South Carolina, USA

All of the testimonials found on our site are genuine, however, they show the "best case scenarios" of what it is possible to experience. Subliminal products are subjective - results do vary