Real Subliminal Affiliate Program - Earn 35% Commission

If you have a website / blog / email list interested in any area of self help / personal development then the Real Subliminal affiliate program will work for you. We have PROVEN articles, email copy, and banners which introduce your visitors to subliminal messaging and turn them into loyal customers - and you get paid 35% for every sale!

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10 Reasons to Join the Real Subliminal Affiliate Program

High Conversion Rate

Our conversion rate is a solid 4%+. [Our top affiliates convert at over 8%].

High Commission Rate

We'll pay you 35% on each and every sale you make.

Industry Leading EPC

Our affiliate EPC (earnings per 100 clicks) is consistently over $50 - this is an industry leading rate, and means that on average, for every 100 visitors you send us, you will make $50+ commission

Lifetime Cookie

The customers you refer to us don't have to buy right away for you to profit. Our rivals offer 90 day cookies at best, we offer a lifetime cookie so you'll always be credited with the sales you were responsible for generating.

Free Content & Articles

We have high quality articles you can use which have been proven to convert. You can use these on your website / blog, or we have a very solid set of email marketing articles you can send to your list (these have brought in the best conversion rate for our top affiliates).

Banners and Graphics

We offer a vast range of banners in various sizes, covering our most popular products.

Keyword & PPC Support

We offer full keyword lists and advice for your PPC campaigns.

Two-tier Affiliate Program

If a visitor you refer to us becomes an affiliate, you'll also be credited with all the sales that they bring in!

Monthly Updates

Once a month we send you an email with any updates of new albums, upcoming events / sales, unique discount coupons, as well as new banners, and regular NEW ARTICLES.

No Parasites / Leaks

Our affiliate program is hosted on the Share-A-Sale network who set very high standards and guarantee no "parasite affiliates". When you join our program you can be sure that you will be credited honestly for all sales on traffic you refer.

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