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I have been considering writing a testimonial for you but I just am not sure where to start!

I have been using subliminal recordings for about 6 months now. They are recordings I purchased from two other sites on the net. I have seen results--but I have to say that since my son found your site and convinced me to try your subliminal recordings--there is something very different happening. It may sound strange, but the changes are subtle and yet at the same time, they are profound.

Your subliminal recordings are stronger--they seem to go deeper within the subconscious mind. I am seeing more results in the last month since using your subliminal recordings than I have in the 6 months of using the others. That's not to say the others do not have merit--it's just that the subliminal recordings from Real Subliminal seem to reach deeper within the subconscious mind than the others I have used.

Jan - Arizona, USA

Dear Sirs, I am a pharmacist and I ordered the subliminal weight loss CD several weeks ago. Now keep in mind I have seen every weight loss trick in the book. Prescription diet pills, over-the-counter weight loss gimmicks, Weight Watchers, Nutri System, and all the rest. We have tons of customers fighting the battle of the bulge and nothing ever seems to work. Anyway, I ordered the CD and started playing it on a regular basis. I have lost over 25 pounds and I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WHAT SO EVER.

My weight was just over 235 and now I am at 209 and will be at my desired goal of 200 pounds by Valentine's Day. I have gotten all my extra large clothes together to give away and have already bought several size 34 - 30 pants that are slightly snug now but will fit perfectly when I get to 200. Your CD is truly amazing and I feel like getting over 35 pounds off my weight will add years to my life.

Please feel free to pass on my recommendation on to anyone you like. Woody Gaskins, Radford, Virginia. PS: My blood pressure was edging up and now is about 130 over 65!!!!

Woody Gaskins, Radford, Virginia, USA (Lose Weight Subliminal)

After not expecting too much from your CDs I am actually very impressed! It arrived 2 days ago and I gave it a try straight away. The quality is excellent, and I have quite a lot of experience of hypnosis, relaxation cds and self help over the last few years. Your CDs are the best I've encountered bar none!! I'm extremely happy I found your store and I am going to order some more from you now!

Jane Miller, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA (Positive Thinking Subliminal)

Sceptically, I gave this album a try, and slowly I started feeling different, like I was more determined than ever to lose the weight. The real proof for me is in the 3 pounds I lost in the first week, and 10 pounds over the last month! Thanks so much! Jess x

Jess Sampson, Washington, USA (Lose Weight Subliminal)

Thanks so much for your GREAT customer service - quick and detailed responses and super-fast shipping!! I've been listening to my CD (Lose Weight Permenantly) a couple of times a night and it already seems to be working. I'm really not hungry most of the time and my cravings for sugar seem to be on the decline. I'm definitely going to order another one for my car and also considering the relaxation one.

Nancy Pauken, Santa Cruz, CA, USA (Lose Weight Subliminal)

I have had problems not being able to sleep for days before a meeting. Getting to the meeting was even harder. Everyone was telling me I'm doing okay, but they do not know how much it takes me to do it.

I have tried exercises, new age music, talking to myself in positive ways, reading many books and listening to audio books. It has helped, but not enough. So, I bought this program with a real hope that I would be ready to face "the music: again this year.

I listened to the CD for three days before my first presentation. I slept a little better and to my surprise I was calm the day of the presentation. Even more, I was looking forward to taking the microphone. The presentation went very well, I may have even spoke too much and surprised many who know I don't like the microphone.

I believe this audio presentation helped me a lot.

Manon Foss, Verdes CA, USA (Public Speaking Confidence Subliminal)

When I first bought their subliminals, I really did not know what to expect but when I listened to the alpha male 2-3 times, I felt and noticed a change right away. One of the main changes I noticed is that women started to take notice of me and wanted to be around me a lot more.

Chris Monaghan, Phoenix AZ, United States (Become The Alpha Male Subliminal)

I am also using your Breast Enlargement subliminal and in the short 4 weeks I have been using it--I can see a difference--a visible difference! Sounds funny to say this to someone I don't even know, but even the 'feel' of the breast is different..softer, smoother-- It's amazing! Really is!

Jan - Arizona, USA (Natural Breast Enlargement Subliminal)

I have tried other mental and hypnosis goalie training aids in the past, however I am most impressed with your subliminal solution - it sounds too simple to work, but play the album most days, but especially just before a game and I feel unstoppable , like i have total focus and lightning reflexes. There is no stopping me now

Randy, Vancouver (Ice Hockey Training Aid Subliminal)

Hi - Last night I purchased the social anxiety mp3 cd and after listening to the tracks for the second time today i noticed some of the anxiety efforltessly floating away! I was at work and the usual nervousness and subseqent stomach pains came up again and after listening to your tracks a lot of it went away. I actually felt surprisingly relaxed!

Stephen Meyer, Natal, Brazil (Social Phobia & Social Anxiety Cure Subliminal)

I recently purchased your alpha male subliminal cd and I am benifiting in every way from it..I am now on my 4th night and I've only been listening the silent track while I sleep...and at first I wasn't so sure about it...but after only 3 nights I made a complete change in my attitude....I now feel like the most powerful man on the face of the earth...keep up the good work

David Jemison, Kansas City, US (Become The Alpha Male Subliminal)

This album has greatly improved my quality of life - it gave me the mental capacity to to handle my reading more efficiently, and has also gave me an efficient way of handling information generally. I just wish that I tried this 10 years ago! I will be back to try your other albums

Dennis H, Utah (Speed Reading Subliminal)

After initially being wary of subliminal tapes and alternative therapies I have now bought several of your subliminal mp3s. I have noticed several changes internally, and mainly with my internal dialog to myself. So far I have become more motivated and task orientated, and seem to be much more focussed and able to concentrate, and I will certainly be coming back for more in the future!!

Gary P Matthews, Austin (Improve Confidence Subliminal)

All of the testimonials found on our site are genuine, however, they show the "best case scenarios" of what it is possible to experience. Subliminal products are subjective - results do vary

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