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Think Yourself Thin Subliminal

Think Yourself Thin

Visualize your future slim, fit and healthy body and become that person - think yourself thin with the help of this groundbreaking subliminal audio album!

Everything starts in your mind as an idea, an image, or a dream. The difference between success and failure is often set by this early spark within your mind.

People who are successful in any pursuit will make a firm commitment to themselves to change, and create a really strong mental image in their mind; they will see a picture of themselves in their mind completing their goal and achieving success. It will be in full colour and in surround sound and they will play it over and over until it comes true.

This is common amongst world champion Olympic athletes and entrepreneur millionaires alike, and the same is true of people who manage to lose weight and to keep it off; something clicks within their mind - they think "this time it is for real" and they create an image of their future slim self and play it over and over again.

Because of this different way of thinking and extra mind power they become successful, and this is the exact aim of this subliminal album. It will give your mind a workout and to help you to visualise your future slim, healthy, fit, and toned body so you will much more likely to slim down to your ideal body.

Instead of just setting a weight loss goal and a plan of action this album will invigorate your mind so much more - you will:

  • Visualize yourself thinner and healthier, with a slim body at a healthy weight.
  • See yourself fitting into smaller clothes, and vividly imagine how they fit your body comfortably.
  • You will see yourself admiring your new body with pride and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • You will visualize the praise, and positive reactions of other people towards your new healthier weight.

When first playing this album you should notice your mind thinking more actively about your weight loss goals and future slimmer body straight away. After a short period these thoughts will stay with you and you will be more focused than ever on losing weight and much more likely to successfully slim down into your ideal body.

Remember, whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve, and with the help of this album you will create a strong image of your future thin and healthy self and drive yourself towards it - with this unique subliminal audio album you really can gain an advantage and think yourself thin!

Think Yourself Thin Front CD CoverThink Yourself Thin CD

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Life-time Guarantee

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Script Used in This Subliminal Recording

  • I clearly visualize my thin and healthy body
  • I regularly visualize my slim body
  • I am slim, healthy and at my ideal weight
  • I am focused on achieving my ideal body
  • My mind is focused on my weight loss goal
  • Every day I move closer to my ideal body
  • I am more focused than ever on losing weight
  • I fit into the clothes I want to wear
  • I admire my body regularly
  • I am proud of my body
  • I am proud of myself for the weight I have lost
  • People praise my weight loss efforts
  • People are amazed at my new slim and healthy body
  • People react positively to my weight loss efforts
  • I am getting thinner and healthier

Success Stories from Weight Loss Customers

I began using the Lose Weight subliminal, and from the beginning I noticed that I was making better choices automatically, without even thinking too much about it. I know how to eat in a more healthy way, and more modest portions, but somehow I couldn't do it by myself. I now find I am making good choices, eating smaller portions, even leaving half my portion on the plate sometimes, but never feeling deprived. I start the day by wearing my ipod and play the Weight Loss subliminal while preparing breakfast, and other times of the day when I am around food, shopping for food, cooking, etc. I am so surprised at how easy it is.

Elizabeth Arnott, Merida, Mexico

Within the first day of listening to think yourself thin, I noticed that without thinking about it, I was trying to choose what I ate. I was looking for a snack. Before listening to that CD, I would look for the most tasty treat. After listening to the CD, I was suddenly concerned about nutrition. If anyone had told me that in one day my eating habits would change I would have told them they were crazy!

I weighed 251 and I am a lady. I just weighed again & I now weigh 242! I lost 9 pounds in 8 days! Without doing anything different.

Pam Johnson, Jacksonville, FL, USA
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