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Fast Seduction Subliminal

Fast Seduction

Rewire your mind to effortlessly seduce women and become the man that women are drawn to with our mind reprogramming subliminal MP3 album!

  • Do you want to learn how to seduce women?
  • Do you dream of having women drawn to you and captivated?
  • Do you lack the vital confidence when trying to approach and talk to women?
  • Are you hearing the words "lets just be friends" too often?

Trying to seduce women can be difficult whether you are new to chatting up girls or not. It requires a different way of talking, and this seems unnatural to a lot of people. Real seduction is all about confidence and congruence - to be able to speak in a seductive manor, believe it, and have women captivated by your every word.

Our powerful subliminal messages are designed to give you a helping hand on your way to developing fast seduction skills. It will target your unconscious mind to:

  • Acquire a mindset like the best seductive men, who can captivate women and never go home alone.
  • Gain the confidence, dominance, self belief, and assertiveness to lead her down the path to becoming sexually turned on and emotionally involved with you.
  • Be able to use seduction materials and "patterns" confidently and without feeling awkward, nervous, or unnatural
  • Gain control when it comes to meeting, flirting with, and seducing hot women.
  • Create lust, arousal, and attraction from women even when you are not their "natural type".
  • Create the mindset that you are unique, and that all women are attracted to you.
  • Develop the confidence and fast seduction skills to stay cool and calm under pressure; when she mentions her boyfriend, when her friends interfere, or whatever the situation.

If you want to take meeting women and seduction seriously then this album can help you. It is not a "magic pill" but it will ensure your unconscious mind is aligned with your goals, and will give you the internal qualities which are inherent in all seduction masters.

Don't continue struggling with meeting women, use these subliminal MP3s to get your head in the right place, dramatically improve your seduction skills, and have hot women chasing you for a change!

Fast Seduction Front CD CoverFast Seduction CD

+ BONUS free subliminal track! We also give you a 4th subliminal track which is completely silent containing key messages from the first 3 tracks. Listen to this subliminal track anywhere, anytime for maximum exposure.

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Many other subliminal companies sell messages that are often very general, and do not directly address the needs of different albums.

We guarantee that each of our albums are individually created - the messages are tailored to each unique album for a more effective experience.

Life-time Guarantee

Life-time Guarantee

We offer a full money back life-time guarantee if you are in any way unsatisfied with the product.

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Script Used in This Subliminal Recording

  • I am confident around beautiful women.
  • I feel natural around women.
  • Seducing women is my right.
  • I enjoy seducing women
  • Seducing women comes naturally to me
  • I feel calm and natural when seducing women
  • I am confident with my seduction patterns
  • I feel confident seducing women
  • Seduction comes naturally to me
  • My voice sounds seductive
  • Women love me
  • Women love the sound of my voice
  • Women love the way I speak
  • I am in control when talking to a woman
  • I am always in control of the interaction
  • Any woman would be lucky to be with me
  • I am the best choice any woman could make
  • I am unique and women are always attracted to me

Success Stories from Success with Women Customers

Deep inner game subliminal, It works, period !

I'm so relaxed and chill in public and just talking to everyone and anyone I want, coming from the hip, saying what it on my mind, having FUN, body language is so relaxed and cool, its a blast !I am on the lookout for any reason to go upto and speak with women, just because its so much fun!

Peter O'Brien, Wyoming, USA

I recently ordered the Alpha Male album and at first I was kinda skeptical. I heard the music of nature sounds play and thought to myself "Oh lord, Ive been had". However I still gave it a whirl, and Ive been using it 1 week now. Now In my second week and its amazing, I ve had women ranging between 18-45 drop me their numbers without asking.

Kris Sloan, North Carolina, USA

I have been listening to your women confidence albums for about a month now , esepcecially every time before i go out to socailise or to bars. I have found them to clear my mind and help me to relax and freely talk to girls easier. I have noticed a gradual improvement in my confidence and communication skills with girls, your albums have all been a good help

Ahmed, Denver
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All of the testimonials found on our site are genuine, however, they show the "best case scenarios" of what it is possible to experience. Subliminal products are subjective - results do vary

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